Day 11: To the Caribbean!

Backspacer continues to dance around that finish line, now heading north. Is she taunting the other turtles? Is this too easy for her? She’s so close to the finish line, but won’t cross. Maybe she finally snapped out of her long daydream on the way down and now actually has to think about where she’s going…. Let’s hope she makes her mind up soon – for her sake and ours!

Wawa Bear did some more loops, so she must not be ready to lay eggs yet. While we don’t know when exactly she’ll be ready, at least we know where she’s going!

Estéban is a man on a mission! He’s cruising fast toward the Caribbean, looking to enter via the Windward Islands! He must be ready to find the big party….

If this were a NASCAR race, Cali would be the winner! He seems to have completed a full lap through the Atlantic from the point where he began his migration!

Nueva Esperanza and Seabiscuit have peeled off from the rest of the group, but Nueva is pointed toward the Caribbean Sea and Seabiscuit toward the Guianas – are they finally making their move?

ON THE MAP: Don’t forget to follow the turtles on the race map!

We still haven’t heard from Billy, so it looks like his transmitter has stopped working altogether. This can happen for lots of reasons, but it always happens. Sooner or later, transmitters stop sending signals, and we don’t hear from those turtles after that. While we don’t know exactly what happened in Billy’s case, it might be that his transmitter fell off, its batteries ran out, or that barnacles covered the transmitter, making it impossible to send signals. Unfortunately, it’s also possible that something might have happened to Billy. Maybe one of the other turtles loosened the screws on his transmitter back at the starting line and knocked him out of the Race! Whatever happened, let’s hope that Billy makes it down to the Caribbean after all!

With only three days left in the Race, it’s coming down to the wire to see how many turtles can cross the finish line before the end. Check back tomorrow to see if any turtles can make the final push to be the first to get into the Caribbean! Also, we’ll be announcing which turtle made the most dives into really deep waters!

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