Day 13: Crowding to a finish

Hi Race fans! Rowdy Gaines and Mr. Leatherback, reporting on the second to last day of the Great Turtle Race, and WOW, what a day! Estéban, Nueva Esperanza, and Seabiscuit all crossed into the Caribbean in what was a photo finish. But it looks like it was Seabiscuit by a beak!

All the action was captured on the race map. See the photo finish!

Nueva Esperanza edged out Estéban at the finish line, but both made super efforts toward the end of the Race.

It looks like the mad dash that Nueva made during the last couple of days has left her exhausted – she stopped not too long after crossing the finish line. Maybe she’s taking it easy now that she’s in those warm, soothing Caribbean waters.

Estéban crossed into the Caribbean and is now cruising up the coast of the Windward Islands, probably looking for mates. Makes sense – that’s what he came to the Caribbean to do!

Hold on a second! Look at Wawa Bear! It appears her coach, Jason Lezak (who also coached Seabiscuit to an amazing come-from-behind finish) has convinced her that it was time to come in and nest on her favorite beach in French Guiana. She’s making great time now, but will she make it before the Race ends tomorrow? Check back to find out!

Grembo and Searcher are still hanging around in the eastern Atlantic in the general vicinity of the Cabo Verde Islands. Maybe these little girls are trying to put on some more weight, and will make their way toward the Caribbean when they are ready.

Hans Hagen, pro surfer, is rooting for Grembo. Read more in his post, “Surfers and sea turtles: riding waves for ocean conservation“.

Nightswimmer seems to be headed straight back to Georgia. She might not be ready to breed this year, but was migrating along like the other turtles, looking for some good places to eat. She traveled a long distance, though, which means she knows the way and will be a favorite for next year!

Also, tomorrow we’ll announce which turtle covered the most ocean during the Race. The greatest long-distance swimmer of all time, ‘Ms Perpetual Motion’ herself, Janet Evans blogs today about what it takes to go the distance. Janet is also Nueva Esperanza’s coach, so will discuss their winning strategy!

It has all come down to this – tomorrow is the final day of the Race. How will the Race end? Don’t miss the last day!

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