Day 8: Trouble with transmitters and looping leatherbacks

Hi everyone, I’m Rowdy Gaines with Mr. Leatherback, reporting on the Great Turtle Race! Backspacer is edging ever-so-close to the finish line, but will she cross? Or will she wait to think about where she wants to go? The Caribbean is a big place after all, so many places to see…

ON THE MAP: Don’t forget to follow the turtles on the race map!

Billy hasn’t moved over the last two days, but we now know why: his transmitter is not sending signals, so we can’t track him. Let’s just hope that he’s experiencing technical difficulties and we’ll hear back from his transmitter soon!

Wawa Bear just did a loop, and Seabiscuit looks like he might try one too! Why play around like that when they’re getting so close to finishing? They and the other turtles hanging at that latitude are passing through the North Equatorial Current, which is flowing from east (Africa) to west (Caribbean), and creates lots of different smaller currents that probably are like snack bars for leatherbacks there. Maybe they got distracted?

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Today, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Explorer-in-Residence for National Geographic and founder of the Deep Search Foundation shares insights she’s gained and the passion she has for the oceans after spending decades studying and working to save them. Read the full post >>

How long can a leatherback turtle stay underwater on just one breath? Check back tomorrow when the results of the ‘longest dive’ competition are revealed! Maybe Dr. Earle can shed some light on what leatherbacks might be looking for during these long dives!


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