Day Five: Spring Break!

Hello Race fans! I’m Race commentator Rowdy Gaines, with my partner, the famous world-traveling turtle, Mr. Leatherback. The new week in the Great Turtle Race is going to be the most important, as the turtles try to cover great distances as fast as possible and get to their Caribbean Spring Break destinations!

ON THE MAP: Don’t forget to follow the turtles on the race map!

Nueva Esperanza and Wawa Bear are turtleneck-and-neck and look like they’re both headed for South America! How long until they get there?

Meanwhile, Billy is on a straight course toward Puerto Rico and making great time, as is Seabiscuit. He has really made up water on the leaders, with a straight-line cruise toward the Caribbean. He looks like he is on a mission!

Backspacer, Nightswimmer, Cali, and Estéban are also coming on strong!

Finally, we have revealed the results of the first swimming challenge; click here to find out which turtle spent the most time in cold water (by cold, we mean colder than 15°C /60°F)!

Olympic champion Cullen Jones has been working with the turtles to get them to break new barriers in diving on just one breath, just as he has been an inspiration for breaking barriers in the sport of swimming by being the first African-American Olympic gold medal winner. The results from the next challenge – the longest dives – will happen on Friday, April 24th!

Check out what Olympic champion swimmer Amanda Beard has to say about her love for the oceans and for turtles!

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