Day Four: Play-by-Play

Hi everyone, Rowdy Gaines here, working on a Sunday calling the play-by-play of the Great Turtle Race. While everyone on land was taking it easy on a Sunday, the turtles in the Race were making good progress toward their goal of reaching the Caribbean finish line!

Billy is pointed straight toward the Caribbean now, despite being really far away from the other turtles. Nueva Esperanza seems to be the farthest along now, as she has quietly made steady progress since leaving Nova Scotia. But watch out: Seabiscuit, Backspacer, Nightswimmer, and Wawa Bear are gaining on her and really making this a Race!

And how about Cali! After a couple more spins, he took off like a shot to catch up with the rest of the turtles by the end the day!

Grembo Jones and Searcher, the two smallest turtles in the Race, are taking a very wide turn, almost toward the Azores Islands in the eastern Atlantic. Grembo is a mischievous turtle, so maybe she’s planning a surprise for the other turtles, and has Searcher in on the prank!

Check back tomorrow to find out which of the turtles did the best polar bear impression and spent the most time in cold water during the Race!

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