Day One: Off and Swimming

Hi, I’m Rowdy Gaines, reporting on the 1st day of the Great Turtle Race! The turtles are off and swimming!

Almost all of the turtles started deep in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, so they have a long way to go – thousands of kilometers! – to reach the Caribbean. There was a bit of a bottleneck as the racers tried to get out into the open ocean, but several of the turtles are off to a fast start!

ON THE MAP: Check out National Geographic’s race map.

blog_day1_caliCali got a bit of a head start to help him after his ordeal of being entangled in fishing gear (check his profile to learn more), but has moved off the finish line. Wawa Bear seems to be keeping her distance from the rest of the turtles; she’s a big turtle who apparently needs her space.

Nueva Esperanza is also off to a good start, but some of the turtles seem to be slow getting out of the gates – er, the Gulf. Lindblad the Explorer, Estéban, Nightswimmer and Backspacer need to make up some ocean! And fast!

Check out today’s blog from Dr. Mike James, scientific director of the Canadian Sea Turtle Network, to learn more about leatherbacks and the field work in Canada.

Also, find out about pre-Race preparations and festivities in Canada and the Canadian Sea Turtle Network.

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  2. Melissa Charlet says

    My coworkers and I have been following the turtle race for a couple of years. However, I have already noticed that your interactive map isn’t currently working. We love to support our swimmers, but hate not being able to see them. Please let us know when this is up and running 🙂

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