Day Seven: It’s Earth Day! We’re halfway there!

Hi Race fans! Rowdy Gaines here. Today is Earth Day, and the turtles are celebrating by making things very interesting in the Race! So much is happening today…

Billy seems to have gotten stuck – maybe he stopped to look for a bite to eat? Regardless, his pause is allowing Backspacer to pass him!

ON THE MAP: Don’t forget to follow the turtles on the race map!

Seabiscuit appears to be following the path taken by Nueva Esperanza and Wawa Bear toward South America – can he catch up with them?

Are Grembo and Searcher headed to Africa? Did they not get the memo about heading to the Caribbean? Maybe Searcher is showing Grembo some way – cool deep – sea spots in the eastern Atlantic.

What’s Cali doing? He seems to have taken a turn to the west – did he hit a strong current that’s blown him off course? Is he trying a different path? He looks to be steering toward the U.S. coast. Could he be headed to Florida?

For Earth Day, what better way to celebrate than to cheer on your favorite turtle and do your part to keep the environment safe and clean! Leatherbacks and other sea creatures are threatened by pollution – such as plastic debris – in the oceans. Leatherbacks sometimes mistake floating plastic bags for their favorite food – jellyfish – and can die if the plastics they eat block their digestive tracts. Click here to take the No Plastics Pledge, and help keep leatherbacks and other marine life safe!

We also have a fantastic special guest blogger today. While we Race announcers continue to give updates on the Race, marine ecologist and environmental writer Dr. Carl Safina shares his thoughts and experiences about sea turtles and the oceans that have resulted in three books, most recently The Voyage of the Turtle.

And a reminder: The results of the second swimming challenge – which turtle made the longest-lasting dives – will be revealed this Friday, April 24th!

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