Day Six: Nearing the Caribbean

Hi turtle lovers, this is Rowdy Gaines, reporting live with Mr. Leatherback on the Great Turtle Race! The Race is getting very exciting! The turtles are all making moves toward the Caribbean, but employing very different strategies of how to get there.

ON THE MAP: Don’t forget to follow the turtles on the race map!

Billy is getting really close to the finish line in the northern Caribbean – will he finish soon? The other Racers hope not!

Nueva Esperanza and Wawa Bear are still nearly tied and heading toward South America, with Estéban and Lindblad the Explorer trying to keep them in their sights.

Keep an eye on Seabiscuit – he’s not far behind! Is he going to try to come from behind, just like his famous equine namesake and his famous human coach, Olympic relay star Jason Lezak?

Grembo and Searcher are still the farthest east of all the turtles – are they trying a backdoor approach to the Caribbean? Or have they been distracted by some tasty jellies? Or maybe Grembo is looking for a great break to snag a few waves…

Surfers like Grembo, like sea turtles and swimmers, love the water and want to keep it clean. Surfers worldwide constantly search for the spots with the most pristine waves and beach. Check out what surfing ambassador Josh Berry has to say about taking care of the oceans!

Sea turtle expert, recreational surfer, and ocean lover Wallace ‘J’ Nichols also offers some seafood for thought about how to get involved in ocean conservation.

Check back tomorrow for the Earth Day special edition of Great Turtle Race – it’s already halfway over!


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