Day Three: Pushing South

Rowdy Gaines here on Day 3, and now the Race is really on – Lindblad has left the Gulf and is hot on the trail of the other 10 turtles! Nueva Esperanza and Wawa Bear are really making waves!

TRACK THEM: Check out the race map.

Billy continues his zig-zag southward, but is closer to the US coastline than the other turtles. Will his detour help him shave some time of his trip and win the Race?

Cali is spinning in circles, maybe getting his bearings before making his move south.

As the turtles all move out of Canada and into international waters in the Atlantic, you can find out about what the Canadian Sea Turtle Network has learned about leatherback behavior and what we can expect to see them do from this point!

And don’t forget that Monday we’ll reveal the winner of the coldest water challenge!

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