Day Two: Leaving the Gulf

Hi, I’m Rowdy Gaines, with my color commentator, Mr. Leatherback, on Day 2, of the Great Turtle Race!

ON THE MAP: Follow the turtles on National Geographic’s race map!

blog_day2_lindbladAll the turtles – except for Lindblad – have exited the Gulf and appear to be heading south. Lindblad the Explorer is really living up to her name; she seems reluctant to leave the Gulf and start her new adventure before she sees a few more things on her checklist. Being an experienced traveler, she knows where she’s going so isn’t worried about catching up with the other turtles.

Cali appears to be taking advantage of his head start and is near the front of the pack. Billy is heading for the east coast of the USA – does he know a shortcut? Nueva Esperanza is starting to pick up speed, while Seabiscuit spun out once he got out of the Gulf, but now has his bearings and is making progress.

Wawa Bear is making a big turn and is the farthest east of any turtle in the Race. It must be hard for her to steer her big body – sort of like hard-shelled cruise ship! Are Grembo Jones, Searcher, Estéban and Nightswimmer following Wawa Bear? Maybe they’ve heard that she knows the way to the Caribbean….

DID YOU SEE? The State of the World’s Sea Turtles IV

Also, click here to find out more about threats to sea turtles, including fishing gear, and what conservationists are doing to solve the problems! Katherine McLaughlin and Carl Safina from the Blue Ocean Institute blogs about how you can make responsible choices of your seafood.

Mark your calendars! On Monday, April 20th we will announce the results of the first swimming challenge: Which turtle spent the most time in cold water?


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  2. Ryan says

    Hey Rowdy!

    Can we get some updates on the depth of specific turtle dives?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  3. Bryan Wallace says

    Hi Ryan:

    Great question about dive data. At different points during the Race, we will announce results of different swimming challenges -time spent in cold water, deepest dives, longest-lasting dives, longest distance traveled.

    The first challenge -most time spent in cold water- will be announced tomorrow at!

    In general, though, it’s a bit difficult to provide dive data for specific points along the turtles’ migration due to how the data are sent by the transmitters and received by us. Hopefully, the challenges will give you a good idea as to what these turtles do while they’re crossing the Atlantic!

    Thanks for your interest -check back tomorrow!
    Bryan Wallace (on behalf of Rowdy)
    CI Sea Turtle Scientist

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