It ain’t over yet

LeatherbackYou’ve met the turtles, you’ve followed the action, you’ve cheered yourself hoarse, and you’ve learned a thing or two along the way. The Great Turtle Race may have ended, but the journey towards healthy sea turtle populations and healthy seas isn’t over yet — both still need your help.

Take the following steps and show our leatherback champs that you care. Bring a friend or two along for the ride and multiply your impact.


Smart seafood choices are good for everyone: sea turtles, oceans, fishermen, you, and your family. Learn about the impacts of different fishing and fish farming methods and use your purchasing power to promote responsible stewardship of marine resources.

Online? Check out for more information.© Robin Moore

On the go? Text FishPhone™ to get instant information on a fish you’re considering. Text FISH and the name of the species you would like to learn more about to 30644 (e.g., FISH SHRIMP, or FISH MACKEREL); in under ten seconds Blue Ocean will send you a recommendation and the reason for it.


Pollution affects sea turtles in many ways, both directly and indirectly. Take stock of the goods that you use and learn baggedturtlewhat you can substitute for more environmentally friendly products, and what you can do without altogether.

Start by replacing the single-use plastic bags, bottles, and utensils in your life with reusable ones and join the Bring Your Own movement.

Learn more at

Find what you need at


Even if you recycle what you can and properly dispose of what you can’t, your waste can sometimes end up in the wrong place – on the street, in they sky, and on the water. No matter how it gets there, loose waste can end up in the ocean.

Don’t let it get that far. Join the annual International Coastal Cleanup or bring your community together independently to collect trash along the shores of a local waterway, park, or street.

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  2. Christine says

    Thank you for all of the updates on the Great Turtle race, I live in Canada and I try to do the best thing to help save the Oceans, and our ocean friends like turtles,I am from Trinidad&Tobago, and a lot of the turtles go there to settle, but some people have taken advantage of them in the past.

    I love the turtles.

    I want to help for the turtles, but I will sometime later in the year, as I am in difficult time in my finances at the moment. I have passed some of this on to my friends.

    Thanks for sharing, I really appreciated that.


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