Let the Race Begin!

Welcome to the Great Turtle Race, brought to you by National Geographic and Conservation International, with field partner Canadian Sea Turtle Network!

I’m Rowdy Gaines, ‘The Voice of Swimming,’ and along with Mr. Leatherback, we’ll be serving as the official Race commentators and will be calling the Race from start to finish!

A Leatherback kicks off the 2009 Race (c) CI/Photo by Rod Mast

For the next 14 days, follow 11 adult leatherback turtles on their epic journey from feeding areas off Nova Scotia, Canada across the vast Atlantic Ocean south to breeding areas throughout the Caribbean. The first turtle to cross the finish line and enters the Wider Caribbean wins! While some turtles might not cross the finish line before the end of the Race, we’re expecting them all to put on a great show!

Leatherbacks are prolific swimmers and divers, but have had some special coaching in preparation for the big Race from Olympic swimmers Amanda Beard, Janet Evans, Jason Lezak, Eric Shanteau, and Aaron Peirsol!

Along the way, the turtles will also be competing in swimming challenges to see who enters the coldest water, who dives the deepest and for the longest time, and who travels the greatest distance during the Race.

Stay tuned for daily Race updates to follow your favorite turtle’s progress, to hear from guest bloggers and to find out about cool leatherback-related information!

Let the Race begin!

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  1. Mrs. Johnson says

    My sixth grade science students and I are anxious for the race to begin!
    We’ll be following closely from Stuart, FL, USA.
    Be safe, turtles!!

  2. Michael Quinlan says

    My grade 3 class at the International School Manila here in the Philippines is following the race as we are working on a unit on Biodiversity and the oceans. We hope all the turtles do well and have a safe journey.

  3. Jen says

    Tomorrow is the first day of the race and you’ll be able to follow each turtle on the map as they travel through the Atlantic. We’ll also be polling race followers on who they think will win at the end of the week!

  4. Eimear says

    Hi I cant find the map to follow the turtles, can you please send me the link.

    I have watched the turtle race for the last years now online and really do not want to miss it this year.

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