A few more prizes

Whew – we just finished two weeks of the Great Turtle Race.

Eleven leatherback sea turtles raced from Canada’s Atlantic coast to the beaches of the Caribbean – with Backspacer – Pearl Jam’s pick – earning the win.

Thanks for following the Great Turtle Race. You and thousands of other turtle fans made this Race one for the history books. We just have a few more awards to give out…

Which turtle won the coveted Pearl Jam Audience Favorite award?Backspacer

Why none other than Pearl Jam’s favorite turtle herself – Backspacer!

Fans like you voted for this top turtle by making gifts in her honor to support conservation efforts.

Yes – Backspacer won the race and the hearts and minds of the fans. She’s sure to become a legend in her own shell!

Cali takes the Iron Turtle Award!

Backspacer may have won the marathon race, but strong performances in the diving competitions resulted in an overall triathlon victory for Cali, whose sponsors – the kids at Bullis Charter School in Los Altos, CA – knew she had it in her all along.

Academic judges from the popular online Deep Sea News blog have declared this small, but remarkable turtle the Iron Turtle Champion for the 2009 Great Turtle Race.

Cali completed 148 dives longer than one hour, and dove deeper than 800 meters five times throughout the Race.

See the winners for all challenges.

The Great Turtle Race is much more than a race and swimming challenges.

BoatIt showcases the work Conservation International is doing in the field to protect sea turtles, the oceans they call home, and people around the globe who depend on healthy oceans for survival.

The support of Race fans – like you – is critical to this important work. Make a gift to Conservation International today.

Sea turtles are a bellwether of marine health. And unfortunately, their numbers are rapidly diminishing in many parts of the world.Wai wai in Guyana. © CI/Piotr Nascrecki

The health of animals like sea turtles and the unique and precious places they call home is directly linked to the survival of people. Healthy ocean, forest and river ecosystems provide the clean air, fresh water and food on which humans depend.

Your gift today will keep our scientists in the field exploring threats, taking action, and Scientists in Guatemalaforging partnerships with local communities and their governments to protect Earth’s natural capital.

Next year we hope you’ll join us and cheer on your favorite turtle to the finish line. In the meantime, please consider making a gift to help Conservation International protect Earth and all of its beauty – for the good of people everywhere.

LeatherbackThe Great Turtle Race may have ended, but the journey towards healthy sea turtle populations and healthy seas isn’t over yet — both still need your help. And don’t forget to show our leatherback champs that you care by taking action!

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