A “Green Wall” of Protection

© CI/Photo by Ismail Saleh
On the Indonesian island of Java, forests are quickly disappearing.

In the past few decades, much of the island’s forests have been converted into farmlands and residential areas.

To restore and protect Java’s last remaining large tracts of rainforest, CI-Indonesia is helping to coordinate a groundbreaking “Green Wall” program designed to save this vital ecosystem and the direct human benefits it provides.

“Green Wall” projects surround the rainforest, and include replanting trees, a tree adoption program, agroforestry, public outreach and community education. It shields rainforest from urban encroachment.

The project also helps communities generate extra income from forest-friendly crops. Reforestation plants include mixture of forest woods, productive fruits and rare plants.

The restored forests will form “green walls” to buffer the protected forests in the future, prevent soil erosion and landslides, protect water sources, and contribute to alleviating climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide.

After CI fully develops Java’s “green wall,” the plan is to expand this concept around the world, protecting more vulnerable life-sustaining forests.

IN DEPTH: Find out more about how the “Green Wall” concept creates economic opportunities that benefit both humans and nature.

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