A New Day for Turtles

A green sea turtle
Religious festivals for the Ayau tribe in Papua, Indonesia used to center on one important delicacy – the green sea turtle.

Today, thanks to a unique partnership between CI and community leaders, locals have turned to a sustainable alternative that has successfully reduced the killing of this endangered turtle.

It all started when villagers began to notice that there were fewer turtles in nearby waters. A village headman began working with CI to find a worthy substitute for turtle hunting and found a solution – sustainable pig breeding.

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Local communityCI sent community leaders to nearby Bali to attend a training program on pig husbandry and agreed to provide the equipment, additional training, pigs, and a pregnant sow.

In return, the village pledged not to hunt turtles and provided all the materials and labor for the project.

The first Christmas pig feast was an eye-opener for the Ayau people. The locals reacted very positively to their new holiday fare.

Since the Christmas feast, turtle poaching from Ayau hunters has dropped to almost zero.

CI plans to unleash this win-win opportunity for both turtles and people in all Ayau communities. Our goal is to establish 24 piggeries spread throughout four islands and five villages.

Read more about this groundbreaking opportunity that protects turtles and benefits people in Papua.


  1. Leanne says

    Do they already have wild pigs out there? If not, then if any escape it could have a detrimental effect on the wildlife.

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