A New Way Forward – Protecting The Coral Triangle

CoralThe Coral Triangle is a marine landscape unrivalled in its beauty and diversity of animals and plant life.

Part of the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Timor Leste and the Solomon Islands – the Triangle is a proving ground for visionary government leadership, smart planning, and empowered communities – all working together to secure long-term human and environmental health on a massive international scale.

Map of the Coral TriangleWith more than 150 million people living in the Triangle, balancing food and water security, local livelihoods and economics, and conservation is key to our success.

Conservation International is at the forefront of this important government partnership dedicated to promoting healthy oceans by helping the people manage their marine resources for the good of both business and local communities.

The Coral Triangle Initiative is a model for protecting the ecosystems that support and sustain us all. Our team at Conservation International is putting this learning into practice in our work around the globe.

Explore the stunning beauty and vibrant communities of the Coral Triangle. Watch our video.

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