Amazing species new to science discovered in Ecuador

Today, CI announces a scientific expedition has revealed a fascinating array of species, many of which are believed to be new to science.

LizardThe new species were found by Conservation International’s Rapid Assessment Program (RAP) in the mountainous forests of the Cordillera del Condor of southeastern Ecuador, an area of high biological, ecological and social importance near to the border with Peru. The survey concentrated on the Upper Nangaritza River Basin, which is geologically isolated from other parts of the Andes, helping to stimulate the evolution of species which are Dendrobates sp. frogfound nowhere else (endemic species).

The newly discovered creatures – four amphibians, a stunning new lizard Typophyllum sp. nov. Katydidand seven insects – include a remarkably ugly bug-eyed salamander and a tiny but beautiful poison arrow frog. CI is hoping that the discoveries will encourage the government of Ecuador to strengthen the protection of the area, which is close to a “peace park”, created to cement the end of hostilities between the two nations in the late 1990s after decades of conflict over the disputed border. Read more >>

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Watch videos from the expedition below:

Carlos Boada Demonstrates Netting Bats

The “ugly” salamander Bolitoglossa sp., potentially new to science, discovered on this expedition

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