Bird’s Head – The Lost World of Rare Species

Bird's Head
Bird Head’s Seascape’s mind-blowing underwater diversity has been described as a “reef on steroids.”

Our scientists have taken surveys of the reef area in Papua, Indonesia and have found a biological treasure trove – more than 50 new species of fish, coral, and crustaceans.

Along with the excitement of the discovery came the bad news that there are serious threats to the Seascape, including turtle poaching, and cyanide and blast fishing.

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Map of Bird's Head seascapeAs part of CI’s commitment to protect the people and natural resources of the region, a marine education program was developed to reach children and adults in 89 villages.

Because the villages are so remote, a CI “floating marine conservation classroom” travels by boat from village to village. The program strikes at the heart of the biggest challenge to conservation – changing people’s behavior and their view of the natural world.

By educating people today, CI is protecting Bird’s Head Seascape and all the magnificent life it contains for future generations.

Download the first issue of Team Earth, CI’s interactive digital magazine to find a beautiful photo gallery of Bird’s Head Seascape, as well as more information on CI’s efforts to protect this treasure trove of biodiversity.

Watch a video of some of the amazing species discovered in Bird’s Head Seascape, including a walking shark:


  1. kath says

    well I’m writing to tell and demonstrate you what’s going on at different parts of the world please search on google “delfines calderones” and see how these poor animals suffer!
    It would be amazing if we do something about this horrible massacre!!

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