Making Forests Key to Climate Change: Road to Copenhagen

In December, thousands of scientists, policy-makers, and government leaders will gather in Copenhagen to agree upon an ambitious and effective international response to climate change. CI is already working toward that day.

CI has committed to a major initiative designed to advance the science of climate change; to expand the debate about options for combating the increase of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere; and to ensure that international agreements incorporate healthy ecosystems – tropical forests primary among them – as a key element of any international climate plan.

CI is working on many fronts, both directly with the U.S. Administration and Congress, with governments from around the world, through its ties to the United Nations and in partnership with like-minded organizations, to achieve this goal.

First and foremost, CI aims to ensure that the international community develops urgent and effective responses to make deep cuts in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions in order to avoid dangerous levels of climate change.

This response must include protection of the world’s forests so that the human benefits those forests provide can aid the transition to a low carbon global economy – one less painful for both the developed and the developing world, while helping to protect important social, economic and biodiversity benefits.

It is crucial that the international community adopts the position that forests are a fundamental aspect of climate change solutions. If we do not protect them, we limit the options to tackle climate change.

Learn more about the road to Copenhagen.

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