The Micronesia Challenge

Millions living on Pacific islands are in a race against time.

Diminishing fisheries, struggling economies and a changing climate are having serious consequences for residents of low-lying islands. Their food, their livelihoods, and even their entire countries are in danger of disappearing.

In response, a group of island nations including Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Palau, Guam, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands signed a groundbreaking pact called the Micronesia Challenge.

By signing, each country pledged to protect coastal areas totaling 200,000 hectares – an area twice the size of Portugal.

Micronesia islandsThe agreement helps protect people from the effects of overfishing, habitat destruction, and climate change. It protects many threatened species, most of which are found nowhere else in the world.

CI plays a major role by committing funding, staff, and public outreach efforts to help make the Challenge a success.

Today, these Pacific nations are leading by example. The Micronesia Challenge is a pioneering model for the type of worldwide effort needed to protect the food, fresh water, and clean air that our planet provides. And it is inspiring similar efforts in countries like Grenada and Indonesia.

Read about threats the Pacific islands face and how the Micronesia Challenge is helping to protect our planet’s future.

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