The Phoenix Islands – World’s Largest Inspiration

Table corals in the Phoenix Islands
Near the equator between Hawaii and Fiji are the Phoenix Islands – a pristine sanctuary of reefs and home to a stunning array of marine life.

Last year, the Pacific island nation of Kiribati – of which the islands are a part – established the Phoenix Islands Protected Area, the largest marine protected area in the world.

Tropical fish among coral, Kiribati.This action has been an inspiration to other nations worldwide that control large marine environments. Kiribati – with the help of CI and our partners – has accelerated a global movement to protect oceans, one of the most important natural features on the planet.

The oceans affect all life on Earth. They provide food, absorb climate-change causing carbon dioxide, and regulate weather patterns around the globe.

Kiribati is working with CI’s Pacific Islands Program and the New England Aquarium to create a management plan and to develop long-term financing for the reserve that will help protect this critical marine ecosystem and all the life it supports.

Learn more about our work with Kiribati.


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