Verde Islands Vulnerability: Dr. Di Carlo Blogs

Harlequin shrimp eating a sea star, Verde Island Passage Marine Corridor, Sulu-Sulawesi Seascape. © CI/Sterling Zumbrunn
The expert workshop for the vulnerability assessment of the Verde Island Passage (Philippines) to climate change starts on July 22 in Batangas City. This is a pretty exciting event with about 150 people attending, from government officials and scientists to key stakeholders.

The Verde Island Passage (VIP) is a unique place, considered to be “the center of the center” of the world marine biodiversity. That means it has the highest number of marine species in the world! Moreover, the VIP is sitting in the heart of the Coral Triangle Initiative, another exciting opportunity to secure government involvement to protect the oceans of Southeast Asia.

Preceding the conference, much of the activities were focused on refining the agenda and making sure that protocols are in place to receive government officials. There is a lot of tension and expectations are high, local media will be present at the event and CI-Philippines and CI-Headquarters are working together to make sure everything runs smoothly for a successful outcome of the event.

Event kick off is at 9am tomorrow. Updates to come…

Dr. Giuseppe Di Carlo is the manager for the Marine Climate Change Program at Conservation International.


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