Verde Islands Vulnerability Workshop Day 2

Boats, Verde island Passage
This morning I woke late and still have to finish my presentation. I am the first speaker and I have to present on climate change adaptation, trying to set up the scene for today’s work on mainstreaming climate change adaptation. After me, we have a series of presentations to discuss local and regional management plans to see how we can incorporate specific climate issues.

It’s a hot day and the swimming pool is way inviting.

As expected the President Adviser on global warming and climate change – Mr H. T. Alvarez – arrived after lunch to give a speech on the Government perspective and priorities for climate change. After his speech he received an award from CI for his work on climate change and we were able to ask him a few questions before he left to attend a meeting in Washington, D.C. (watch for that interview here).

Soon after lunch is time for another Philippino “merienda.” You might think it’s a coffee break, but no, it’s a full meal! It seems that we have about 4-5 meals a day.

In the afternoon, we run parallel sessions. The scientists integrated the vulnerabilities of marine ecosystems of the Verde Island Passage to climate change and the potential consequences for the well-being of coastal communities and proposed recommendations to address these issues. The stakeholders continued working towards mainstreaming those recommendations into their management plans.

Tomorrow before the closing ceremony, we will be discussing a Science-to-Action strategy that will help us involve the communities and other key actors in adaptation efforts, and will provide information on how the results of the vulnerability assessment impact our next steps.

Dr. Giuseppe Di Carlo is the manager for the Marine Climate Change Program at Conservation International.

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