Team Earth Magazine Issue 4

Team Earth magazine Issue 4
Check out our newest issue of Team Earth magazine, hot off the digital press this week!

Each issue highlights CI’s projects, successes, and initiatives from across the globe, focusing on the partnerships that make all of our work possible. CI’s collaborations with governments, scientists, nonprofits, businesses, universities, village leaders and other partners around the world help engage communities in local action for global progress.

This issue of Team Earth magazine spotlights a number of CI’s groundbreaking efforts, including:

  • CI’s work (from field stations to government halls) to help craft an international climate change agreement that values the carbon storage (and many other) services that forests provide.
  • The recent establishment of a pioneering community-led protected area in Papua New Guinea, supported by multiple local tribes, CI, the Woodland Park Zoo, and the national government, and celebrated with a sing-sing that lasted into the night.
  • Farmers, fishermen, international corporations and governments working together to protect the massive freshwater Tonle Sap lake, which supports rare species and provides food for millions.
  • And in the Coral Triangle, villagers, fisherman, and the leaders of six nations recently came together to protect the heart of the world’s oceans so that coral, fish, mangroves and 150 million people can thrive.

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  1. John says

    Sorry..I tried clicking on the 2 links above, however, they do not go to the magazine. Would love to learn more about this issue especially the Indigenous article

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