Expedition Phoenix Islands: Blog from the Boat

Nikumaroro island. Map courtesy of Google.
In the water at last! We reached Nikumaroro at about 10:30 am, and were on our way out to dive at about 11. Our first site was the NW point (aka “Nai’a Point”).

One skiff, full of the gonzo divers and photographers (with Greg Stone intrepidly in the lead) plus Team Blue Water (Larry and Kate Madin) ran off to meet their blue destiny, while we, the seabottom science wonks, puttered off dutifully to the workaday tasks in our own little stretch of paradise.

The very first moments in the water did not disappoint – gangs of grey reef shark showed up immediately to check out what all this new commotion was about…but rather small ones on the whole. Could these be young’uns, indicative of a local population regenerating from shark finning? Read more >>

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Les Kaufman is the Senior Investigator for Marine Management Area Science at Conservation International

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