Update from New York City – Origami Forest, Day One

The CI team in NYC in front of the origami forest, along with the group representing ePals, a social network optimized for K-12 learning.
I arrived at New York’s Greeley Square yesterday on a beautiful crisp September morning. The sky was clear with a very light breeze and it was in the low 60’s. Entering the square, I saw signs for Team Earth, and as I approached the stages set up by Conservation International, my heart began to rush and I just couldn’t help but smile. Many weeks of work and preparation were coming to fruition on the main stage, where there stood a very large tree trunk made of brown paper.

STREAMING VIDEO: Watch as they continue to build the origami forest.

The idea of building an origami forest to advocate for the protection of tropical forests may seem like a paradox, but really it makes a lot of sense. We hope that the origami’s representation of the fragility of nature, its complexity and the beauty of art mimicking nature will resonate with everyone who sees it, making a statement to the world’s leadership that we must support the protection of tropical forests to help slow climate change. Fortunately, we have a growing number of allies in this fight, who are stepping in and joining our team: Team Earth.

With the origami forest in the background, our press conference this morning will launch Team Earth – a platform for collaboration across all sectors of our society to battle some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues. Team Earth will be backed by corporations, governments, parents, kids, teachers, NGOs and people like you.

Does that sound like a lot going on? It may be, but yesterday was a peaceful atmosphere with guests coming and going. People learned to make origami with volunteers from Origami USA, took in Dr. Robert J. Lang’s origami forest and learned about Team Earth. Today we will host a highly-anticipated press conference with an international cast from all sectors of society. Please be sure to tune in and watch this event live on conservation.org – the day will go out with a bang you won’t want to miss.

Learn more about the event at www.Conservation.org/ClimateWeek09

Kat Powers is the Online Marketing Manager at Conservation International

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