What’s an origami artist got to do with us?

Dr. Robert J. LangIn solidarity with CI’s commitment to tropical forest protection for global climate change mitigation, physicist-turned-origami-artist Dr. Robert J. Lang will be building a paper forest in NYC’s Greeley Square beginning this coming Sunday (September 20th). The creation of the forest will culminate in our highly-anticipated press conference Monday morning, where leaders in government, business and other fields will come together to rally support for collective action for the world’s forests.

So how does one go from rocket scientist to origami artist? Dr. Robert J. Lang’s career progression may seem unusual, but his background in physics remains at the core of his work.

Although graceful origami figures may seem to be a world away from science labs, in fact, Lang’s complex designs are the result of detailed mathematical calculations. A student of origami since the age of six, Lang’s background in the ancient Japanese art informed his many contributions to the world of science, including innovations such as the design of a giant space telescope.

In 2001, Lang devoted himself to origami full-time, and has now patented more than 500 original designs. Remarkable pieces of art in their own right, his figures are especially amazing when you remind yourself that most of them were created from a single sheet of paper.

Much of his work depicts animals, plants and human figures, reflecting the beauty, complexity and fragility of nature’s design.

Learn more about Dr. Robert J. Lang and our event here:

IN DEPTH: Explore some of Lang’s many designs and discover more of the science behind origami from National Geographic.


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