Update on Natural Disasters in Asia-Pacific Region

lalomanu-village-wiped-outBy now, everyone has heard of the tragic events which have unfolded in the last few weeks in the Asia-Pacific region. Two typhoons in the Philippines, where the capital of Manila remains flooded. An 8.2-magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami near the Samoan Islands, which has completely wiped out entire coastal villages. And two massive earthquakes in Indonesia, where people are still trapped under rubble and awaiting rescue.

Thankfully, all CI staff and their families in these countries have been accounted for. However, the scale of these multiple disasters (at least hundreds dead, and thousands more homeless) means that everyone has been affected. Our field staff are currently assessing the damage to communities and ecosystems where we work, and beginning the process of rebuilding project sites and restoring livelihoods.

If you would like to help the recovery efforts, we recommend that you send donations to the International Red Cross. To contribute to efforts in Indonesia, choose “Indonesia: Sumatra earthquake” from the drop-down box; for Samoa, select “Pacific: Samoa tsunami” and for the Philippines, choose “Philippines: typhoon Ketsana.”

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