CI Vice President Receives Conservation Award

Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, CI’s Vice President for Conservation Policy, receiving the award from Alan Rabinowitz and Tom KaplanLast week in New York City, Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, CI’s Vice President for Conservation Policy, received an award for his outstanding effort in the fight to conserve jaguar (Panthera onca) populations in Central America.

The former Minister of the Environment and Energy in his home country of Costa Rica, Rodriguez has been instrumental to regional conservation efforts for many years. He has helped pioneer the concept of payment for ecosystem services, a system that CI is now implementing with local communities in ecosystems around the globe.

The Rabinowitz-Kaplan prize was presented to Rodriguez by the Panthera Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to big cat conservation. Rodriguez’s Payments for Ecosystem Services in Costa Rica program has not only improved the lives of many rural people, but it has also resulted in the restoration and preservation of forests which provide crucial jaguar habitat.


  1. Panthera says

    Panthera was founded in 2006 with the sole mission of conserving the world’s 36 species of wild cats. Utilizing the knowledge and expertise of the world’s top cat biologists, Panthera develops, implements, and oversees range-wide species conservation strategies for the world’s largest, most imperiled cats – tigers, lions, jaguars and snow leopards. We work through partnerships with local and international NGO’s – including Conservation International, scientific institutions, and local and national government agencies.

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