“A Force to Fight Global Warming”: CI-led paper in Nature

“Time and again, biodiversity conservation provides us with solutions to problems we didn’t even know existed yet. Climate change is shaping up to be the biggest example of this to date, with conservation benefiting us by both slowing climate change and lessening its impacts on people.” – Will Turner, Director of Global Priorities in CI’s Center for Applied Biodiversity Science

At CI, we have made it our mission to conserve natural ecosystems and protect the essential benefits they provide for all life on Earth. This challenge is especially vital in the face of threats like climate change.

This week, we are proud to announce that the work of CI’s own Will Turner will be published in Nature, the internationally-renowned science journal. The paper was co-written with Michael Oppenheimer and David S. Wilcove of Princeton University, and is entitled, “A Force to Fight Global Warming.”

In the paper, the authors emphasize the huge role that preserving (or destroying) intact ecosystems will have on how climate change affects all of our lives. They also stress the need for different sectors to work together on innovative climate change solutions, and the importance of funding for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) in the upcoming climate meetings in Copenhagen.

Full article available in Nature, November 19 2009 issue or online (Nature subscribers only).


  1. Carol says

    Thanks to everyone who has put their effort and guidance into “TEAM EARTH”. It would appear that finally, through the dedication of many, we members of the earth now have a chance to make a difference. Thanks again.

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