Notes from WILD9: Celebrating Environmental Journalism at WILD9

CI's Wild9 Booth
Journalists, renowned scientists and conservation photographers met the other day at CI’s booth to celebrate the Latin American Biodiversity Reporting Award (BDRA). This award recognizes the excellence in environmental journalism. Russell Mittermeier and Carlos Manuel Rodriguez announced the following award winners:

  • Liana John, from Brazil’s “Terra da Gente” magazine won the first prize with her article about araçaris (genus Pteroglossus) – medium-sized toucans living in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. These toucans are essential for the survival of the forest due to their role in seed dispersal.
  • Mirna Echave, from the Bolivian newspaper “La Prensa”, won the second prize with her article about the Titicaca Grebe (Rollandia microptera) and the threats that are pushing the species to the brink of extinction.

Dr. Mittermeier reminded the audience about the important role of journalism in raising awareness about conservation issues, and the great efforts that journalists make in order to tell stories for a better planet. Carlos Manuel Rodriguez called the awards recipients “conservation heroes,” as they have faced incredible barriers (and sometimes danger) to cover stories that are often centered around contentious issues. More photos after the jump.

CI's Wild9 Booth CI's Wild9 Booth

Maria Carolina Hoyos is the Senior Manager of Communications Strategy for Conservation International and blogging from WILD9.


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