Notes from WILD9: Wild Nature + Climate Change

Dr. Fred Boltz, CI’s Senior Vice President of Global Strategies, at WILD9Last Tuesday, Dr. Fred Boltz, CI’s Senior Vice President of Global Strategies, moderated the plenary session “Wild Nature and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation” at WILD9. The session included talks by Dr. Brendan Mackey from the Australian National University and Adriana Nelly Correa of Mexico’s Tecnológico de Monterrey.

As Fred introduced the session, he described the upcoming insights from the expert panel as “an urgent call to action in science and policy and global-scale efforts to resolve the climate crisis and to highlight the key role of nature in that solution.”

The session concluded with a presentation by Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, CI’s Vice President for Conservation Policy, and Michael Sweatman from the WILD Foundation, entitled “The Mensaje de Mérida – Taking Action Now on Climate Change and Wilderness”. The “Mérida Message” highlighted the importance of wilderness conservation efforts for both climate regulation and biodiversity protection. Wilderness territories contain large areas of forests, which store carbon dioxide, provide essential species habitat and sustain ecosystems that supply vital services for humankind, including drinking water, food and medicines.

Maria Carolina Hoyos is the Senior Manager of Communications Strategy for Conservation International and blogging from WILD9.

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