“Kill the Global Warming Monster”: A Winning Video by Kids from India


Check out the video below from Jyoti, Vijay, Rita, Rupa, & Subhash – students from India ranging in age from 11-13.

Maybe I’m a sap but I could not help being moved by the dignified message and the beauty and poetry of the backgrounds they chose for their climate change video. It makes the real stakes of Copenhagen very clear.

Our friends and Team Earth partners at ePals – the Internet’s largest global community of connected classrooms – organized a “Countdown to Copenhagen Students Speak!” contest and posted the winning entries from kids all over the world this week. Pass it on, these kids will live on tomorrow’s planet and deserve a wide audience today.

See more of the winning entries at ePals.

View a playlist of more of the contest winners’ videos.


  1. Christine says Post author

    Are you referring to the typos in the children’s video submissions? Yes, we did notice those and we think they’re endearing and do not detract from the quality of the entries. Hopefully, you were not referring to our blog! 🙂

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