Reasons to Celebrate

© Richard Du Toit/Minden PicturesAs 2009 winds down and we put much of the holiday craziness behind us, many will pause at some point this week to reflect on the milestones – both personal and global – that they have seen this past year.

CI is no exception. We have compiled a list of some of our year’s greatest accomplishments – from the conference halls of Copenhagen to the forests of Papua New Guinea – discovering new species, protecting new territories and engaging new groups of people in conservation action.

As we look towards 2010 and prepare for even greater initiatives and achievements, it’s important to remember how far we’ve come. Read our list of successes now! >>

Donate to help us expand our successes in these projects and many more.


  1. Jose Alberto MD says

    Since last year the idea of a change in the way we work to mirror the efforts of thousands of people around the world has been our primary effort, the importance of every individual involved in the conservation of the world resources is essential because no matter where we live but how we live and for that I want to thank you in inspiring us to do our firsts steps in our field

  2. Jacobo says


    Well, as you know, my name is Jacobo, I’m 18 years old, I’m from Mexico and I’m studying Laws in the UNAM.

    More than a donation or something, what I really want is to join to this organization, I’m very interested on our own planet, our safety and Nature’s.

    It may be, I think, hard to be part of the CI so early, but I will really appreciate to look at me, if not now, for the future. I’m not here for monetary benefits, but for the security of our planet.

    I hope for your answer. thanks.

    Regards and luck

  3. Elizabeth says

    Hi Im Elizabeth Mexican, and i want to be part of ur team i live in Quintana Roo in México, i dont have any idea that how can i contact u to make u some questions please if you can tell me how?? ill be very greatfull thanks for ur time

  4. Molly says Post author

    Thanks for your interest in working with us! All of our career opportunities can be found on the “Careers” page on our website –

    If you’re a student or just starting out in the field, I also recommend you check back in for internships and volunteer opportunities in your local office – these can be great ways to jump-start your career. I was hired to my current position after completing an unpaid internship with CI.

    Thanks for your enthusiasm and good luck!

  5. VooDoo Chicken says

    woohoo!, lets celebrate!. we keep making tshirts and save the whales and the pandas and stuff, because the problem is in the other side of the world!, lets keep saying that the forests taken down in the other side of the planet affect us, but not to drive a two ton suv to carry only one person to the store which is 100 meters away! cutting a tree does not dump dioxide in the air, dumping dioxide and monoxide puts dioxide in the air; and what about the Andean Condor, the biggest bird in the planet which there are less than 100 in the specimens in the world i believe?, is it not pretty enough to be on a tshirt? wanna collaborate? start by using a prius, a nissan or a honda, and use your car only if you need it, and stop using these distraction things like the problem is somewhere else, not in the backyard

  6. Hize Super says

    I donta have money to donate but i am mading the best to help the earth making campaigns im brazil I wish good luck for you

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