WWF’s “Inside COP15” Video Blog

CI is all about partnership, and as the COP15 negotiations heat up, we here in the office are tuning in to WWF’s “Inside COP15” video blog to expand our view of the Copenhagen climate change conference.

Too often, the work being done by CI and our partners can seem remote and far away. That’s why CI launched the “Lost There, Felt Here” campaign in 2008 – to make it clear that when ecosystems are destroyed, everybody suffers.

In addition to our work at Copenhagen, we work with WWF on marine projects like the Coral Triangle Initiative and to secure the rights of indigenous peoples in Papua New Guinea to protect their own lands. Why? Because the protection of nature is not something any one of us can achieve alone.

Inside COP15” will deliver live and on-demand video coverage of the conference’s small and big events until December 19th. Consider it a live-action addition to www.conservation.org/cop15.

Even with our own staff reporting back regularly, the video blog provides a great daily immersion. If you can’t be there, this is the next best thing. Tune in!

Here is one of todays’ clips on Inside COP15:

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