I Say It Is The Moon That Shines So Bright

A small group of Senators are introducing legislation to block the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases, reported Juliet Eilperin in the Washington Post today.

In the play “The Taming of the Shrew” Katharina gave in and accepted that the sun was the moon, even though she knew it wasn’t so. We are asked to do the same, to ignore the facts and ignore the need for us to act on climate change.

On her website Senator Murkowski (R – Alaska), who is leading this legislative effort, asserts that EPA regulation is bad for U.S. businesses. Although it might seem cheaper to allow the dumping of pollution into our waters and air, and destroy our natural resources – it isn’t. In the long term we will pay a much higher price.

The mission of the EPA is to protect our health and our environment. Maybe we should let them do their job.

Manuel Oliva is Director of U.S. Climate Policy at Conservation International (CI).


  1. Sid says

    How could we expect a positive response from illiterate society if educated and elite societies are showing hostility towards every effort for the conservation of nature?

  2. Aliecha says

    Well, it’s a small group, let’s pray senate doesn’t plump for it… This is such an important, a vital matter! How can anybody think on what is bad for business when talking about what is lethal to earth and human kind itself?

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