smALL business needs nature to thrive

Unless we protect nature, ALL businesses – small and large – will not thrive.

That’s the message that CI’s Chairman and CEO, Peter Seligmann, delivers this week to an online network of small business owners.

CI’s Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (CELB) has launched a partnership with FedEX that will focus on efforts in China to:

  • fight climate change by sequestering significant amounts of carbon through reforestation efforts,
  • create local job opportunities in earthquake-affected areas in southwest China
  • and secure the long-term survivability of the giant panda.

CI has been pioneering projects like this for over 20 years, and the partnership with FedEx has provided CI the opportunity to bring this message to American Express’ OPEN Forum, an online community designed to help small businesses grow. Because uniting business and conservation priorities is good business, Seligmann was asked to contribute to the Forum on what actions small business owners can take to “go green,” including joining Team Earth.

Read Peter Seligmann’s full message.


  1. Natalie says

    This is so true. We must protect nature FIRST and then focus on business. Business won’t matter when the smog is so thick outside that we can’t enjoy a vacations or the mountains or the beaches. We need to think about the future and start changing the way we treat the environment NOW.

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