Support for Species

A Critically Endangered black rhino (Diceros bicornis).  © Richard Du Toit/Minden Pictures

The most recent version of the IUCN Red List (published in November 2009) revealed that species extinction continues at a dangerous rate. More than 17,000 species—36 percent of the total of number of species assessed—are currently threatened with extinction, a startling number which underscores the need for immediate action.

This week in Paris, the United Nations is holding one of several celebrations and conferences to launch the International Year of Biodiversity, drawing attention to the escalating plight of the world’s species as countries prepare for the Convention on Biological Diversity’s October meeting in Nagoya, Japan—a meeting which will set new targets for combating the global problem.

As CI urges the world’s nations to make a bolder commitment to biodiversity conservation in 2010, we’re providing more stories, photos and videos about Earth’s most fascinating species and the complex, unexpected ways that their presence – or absence – impacts all of our lives.


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