Dr. Greg Stone Reports from the World Economic Forum

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Last week, Dr. Greg Stone—leader of CI’s Marine Program—attended the 40th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland.
On arriving in Davos, I was greeted by the snow-capped peaks in the lovely, icy villages of Davos and Klosters, the two towns where the meeting takes place. I was involved in a number of panel discussions and workshops on sustainability and finding solutions to the global commons, as well as ocean-themed evening events, but for me the most important session was to present an overview of some of the solutions that can help to mitigate the threats to our oceans.

My studio session, “Facing a Sea Change,” focused on reversing the damage that has been done to the oceans and how we should build on recent successes. I was the third participant, following Tony Haymet from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Eric Sala from National Geographic.

During my 10 minute talk, I made the case for the oceans, highlighting some solutions to counteract the wide ranging and damaging threats. These solutions were focused in two areas: oceanscapes, which is a large-scale method of managing ocean areas which often encompass a number of different countries and stakeholders, and the establishment of an “Ocean Health Index” which can be thought of as a “Dow Jones Index” for the oceans—a way of measuring ocean health at various locations.

It is especially exciting to see the oceans getting notice at such a high level event as Davos. As the world recognizes that maintaining healthy oceans is good business, these vital ecosystems are taking on a larger role in the global agenda.

The WEF is a Swiss-based, independent nonprofit organization that works internationally. This year, the meeting’s theme was a call-to-action—”Improve the State of the World: Rethink, Redesign and Rebuild”. WEF’s meetings are often attended by world leaders and top-level economic and business-minded decision makers. This year saw such notable speakers as French President Nicolas Sarkozy, former U.S. president Bill Clinton, Microsoft Head Bill Gates, and film director James Cameron. JWQX7JBAV82P


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