Extra! Extra! The New Issue of Team Earth Magazine Has Arrived

© Janny "Heintje" Rotinsulu

Where can you find stunning photographs and inspiring stories highlighting CI’s work around the globe? What does it mean when CI says we are taking our activities to a whole new scale?

It means this—Among other things, the new issue of Team Earth will:

  • summarize the outcomes from December’s United Nations meetings in Copenhagen, and examine the next steps we must take to tackle climate change;
  • explore how partner organizations in southern Africa are working with CI to save elephants while improving human livelihoods;
  • reveal CI’s ambitious new plan to save the world’s oceans; and
  • visit the forests and farms of Tanzania, where CI’s TEAM Network and the Gates Foundation are joining forces to revolutionize agricultural practices while conserving essential ecosystems.

It’s a busy time, and an exciting one. Take a moment. Take a look.


  1. Rob says

    Dear Editor. I am very much interested in reviewing the article on elephants for a project I am working on. The link is broken and I am unable to find this article elsewhere. Please assist.


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