U.S. Policy: Bipartisan Leaders Make Bold Proposal for Conservation

Here in the U.S., a lot of news has focused lately on how partisan politics have taken over Washington, DC. However, today a bipartisan effort highlights the ability of both parties to come together in agreement on a critical issue and the proper plan to solve it: the introduction of the Global Conservation Act of 2010.

Forests, fish stocks, fresh water sources, healthy soils, coral reefs and wildlife species around the world are vanishing rapidly. The protection of these natural resources has long been an important aspect of U.S. foreign policy; however, there has never been a cohesive strategy to fully address the scope of this loss.

The Global Conservation Act of 2010 provides this strategy. Introduced on Capitol Hill today, the bill asks the administration to develop a national strategy for global conservation, with quantitative benchmarks to monitor progress and a national security assessment of the threats from resource scarcities.

In addition, the bill proposes that a specific coordinator work to implement this strategy in collaboration with other government agencies–as well as with partner countries–to effectively deliver conservation assistance. Essentially, the bill offers a vision for U.S. conservation efforts and a roadmap to achieve this vision.

Conservation International and the other leading U.S. conservation organizations have formed the Alliance for Global Conservation. This group is proud to work with congressional leaders to support passage of the Global Conservation Act of 2010.

Read the bill. (PDF – 61 KB)

Manuel Oliva is CI’s Director of U.S. Climate Policy.

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