Creating a Barometer for Life

“If the living world is to be kept in anything approaching a sustainable condition that can adapt to changes, then politicians, government officials, scientists, and the public will need to give biodiversity the urgent attention that they are starting to give to the physical environment.”

In a recent article in “Science” magazine, CI President Russ Mittermeier, E.O. Wilson and other notable scientists advocate for the creation of a “barometer of life” through a dramatic increase in biodiversity research worldwide. Expanding our knowledge on species would provide crucial data to increase our understanding of ecosystem health and inform conservation efforts, while providing new insights on the benefits that as-yet-unknown species may provide for human well-being.

In simple terms, the co-authors assert that “the barometer would, from an economic perspective, be one of the best investments for the good of humanity.”

Read more about the article here. A subscription to “Science” is required for access to the full article.

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