In Colombia, Rival Presidential Candidates Come Together for Conservation

Presidential candidate Noemi Sanin signs the "Environmental Pact".

At a recent event revealing the Colombian government’s increasing commitment to conservation, five out of six of the country’s presidential candidates signed an “Environmental Pact,” in which they promised that, if elected, they will take ambitious steps to make the sustainable management of natural resources central to the national development strategy.

The Colombian Environmental Pact is an alliance with citizens who seek to promote the country’s commitment to conservation and sustainable development. The document presents 12 points to guide governmental commitments on specific issues, including ecosystem restoration, climate change, land reform, energy, transport, agriculture, freshwater and oceans. As governmental leaders, they also promise to conduct thorough reviews in the fields of energy, transportation, mining, urban development, education, agriculture, science and technology.

The support of CI-Colombia was instrumental in developing the document. No matter who wins the presidential vote on May 30, we will continue to advocate for the adoption of these measures in the government’s development plan.

Luz Mery Cortés is the communications coordinator for CI-Colombia.


  1. Diane says

    The governments of all countries should develop an environmental pact like the one Columbia. Government and citizens need to commit to the guidelines in order for positive changes to be made.

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