Mounting Evidence of Climate Change Impacts on Marine Ecosystems

A new study published in this week’s Science magazine reveals more evidence of the devastating impacts that climate change is wreaking on marine ecosystems across the globe.

Rising ocean temperatures, acidification and other related trends are having catastrophic impacts on the marine and ocean habitats natural systems and species that form the building blocks of ecosystem health. In the words of one of the study’s authors, marine scientist Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, “It’s as if the Earth has been smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.”

Among the multitude of other benefits it provides for life on Earth, our ocean has already absorbed 30 percent of carbon dioxide emissions and continues to mitigate impacts of climate change.

We are facing a complex challenge, but CI’s climate and marine teams are fighting the problem on all fronts, from conducting vulnerability assessments in critical marine regions to helping coastal communities adapt to environmental changes. And you too can be a part of the solution.

Through our new “Save A Mile” campaign, you can make a commitment to protect a mile of ocean. This symbolic gift will help CI continue to expand our efforts to secure all of nature’s benefits for the future of humanity – including slowing climate change and restoring ocean health.

Protect a mile today. Your contribution could come just in time.


  1. Directory of Kauai says

    We like your quote, “It’s as if the Earth has been smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.” An informative film called Acid Test can be seen here…
    Leading scientific experts appear in the film to argue it is not too late. They believe we can improve the overall health of our oceans. They believe we can and prevent serious harm to our world, but only if action is taken quickly and decisively.

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