Save a mile

As summer begins, you may find yourself gazing longingly out your office window and daydreaming of basking in the sun on the beach, with the lull of gentle waves in the background.

Recreation (and fantasies of recreation) has long been an important service of the world’s oceans for people all over the world, but oceans also provide even more essential benefits for people every day.

For example – did you know that as much as 70-80 percent of the oxygen you breathe ultimately comes from the ocean? That fisheries provide the main source of protein for one billion people worldwide? That your car’s carbon emissions may be absorbed by the ocean? Or that coastal ecosystems like mangroves, coral reefs and seagrasses may have prevented the destruction of your coastal city or town by a hurricane?

Yet despite these crucial benefits for all life on Earth, our oceans are threatened like never before. More than half of fisheries are fully exploited, and one-third of reef-building corals are threatened with extinction. Many of these massive problems stem from the fact that only one percent of the ocean is protected. The unprecedented oil spill that continues to devastate the Gulf Coast is yet more proof that the oceans need our help.

All in all, there has never been a better time to take action for our planet’s largest environmental system. This week, CI is launching a new campaign to protect the oceans; for a $75 donation, you can “Save a Mile” and be a part of the solution.

Your donation is an important and symbolic component of our success; it will help support CI’s efforts globally, including the oceans and other habitats that foster amazing species and provide incredible benefits for us all.

It’s our ocean. Save a mile.

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