CI amphibian expert talks frogs on NPR

During their morning commute today, millions of radio listeners learned about the dramatic decline of the world’s amphibians from CI’s Claude Gascon, a guest on NPR’s “Morning Edition.” Gascon, who also co-chairs the Amphibian Specialist Group, explained the direct implications of this decline for human well-being, citing the example of the gastric brooding frog (Rheobatrachus sp.), a fascinating amphibian whose unique reproductive behavior could potentially provide insight on the treatment of stomach ulcers. Unfortunately, neither species of gastric brooding frog has been seen in 25 years, and both are now presumed extinct.

But how can we be sure? Our “Search for the Lost Frogs” campaign is sending scientists into the field to look for these and other species not seen in years. We will then use the expedition findings to advocate for conservation action that will protect these vulnerable creatures so critical to the health of our planet.

Listen to the interview to get the full story, and don’t forget to join the search for the latest updates from the field.

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