Continuing issues with oil and coal mining strengthen case for alternative energy solutions

Another oil rig off the Gulf Coast of the United States suffered an accident last week when it caught fire and forced the 13 workers to evacuate the facility. This of course comes on the heels of the worst oil spill in American history, as well as continuing stories of deadly coal mine accidents worldwide. It strikes me as amazing that despite the dangers of our old energy supply system, we still think of it as our best option.

Instead of prioritizing the conservation of the natural resources we still have left, we continue to use them up at a staggering – and increasing – rate. At the same time, we are placing more and more demands on nature to provide us with critical services, such as food, water, medicine and other benefits.

Short-term fixes may be popular, but long-term vision is what we need. It’s time to stop subsidizing dirty energy and start investing in the power of nature.

Manuel Oliva is CI’s director of U.S. policy.



    Dear Manuela,
    I’ve have been analzing oil production and consumption up to 2015 and to the next decade and found that the world will be in deficit for energy.As fossil fuels play a big part in the easy and relaxed lifestyle of the world population as a whole I feel that we have to form a cartel or organisation for a renewable source.Maybe with Africa and the tropics being so warm and plenty of sunlight these areas can diversify into solar.Europe and polar areas in tidal wind farms and the rest of the world into either geothermal,wind,solar and natural gas,I see that some countries namely the emerging ones in Asia are also into electric and hybrid vehicle manufacture also.The time is short but no haste can be made as what if someday the motorists of the world wake up and find that their precious fuel supply is out of action or having to ration to keep mobile.
    Also it will put a halt or stoppage to vast CO2 and green house gas emissions.As my favourite subscribed email server says on his mails To a better way of life and a bright future.Oh yes it’s also very profitable for all who partake in the profits of these Green Energy’s.
    Yours sincerely Garth Spooner.

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