Lost Frogs Update: Late Night Searches in Malaysia

This is the latest field report from the researchers participating in CI’s Search for the Lost Frogs campaign. Read our previous blog posts here.

Back at the chalet…there is a great concentration of frogs in the streams here. Saw 10 amphibian species, plus five lizards and two snakes – but no Sambas stream toad (Ansonia latidisca) yet! However, as consolation we did record a calling tiny stream toad (Ansonia minuta). I think the Sambas stream toad’s habitat may need faster-moving water, perhaps with large algae-covered boulders, as its morphology and colouration suggest.

With me is my grad student, Pui Yong Min. It’s nearly midnight here, and he just went out to see what kind of frogs he can find. I wish all students were like him!

The golf folks have been kind to us [Ed. The team’s survey site is near a golf course], and one of their staff (a young lady by the name of Ramona) crawled over the boulders with us, and was very keen to learn the names of all the frogs we encountered. She also drove us around all day in the golf cart. What a great way to do site selection!

Indraneil Das is a professor at the Universiti Malaysia Sarawak’s Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation. He is leading the team searching for the Sambas stream toad (Ansonia latidisca) in Indonesia and Malaysia. Last month, Dr. Das blogged about his discovery of the Old World’s smallest frog.


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