Harrison Ford and Peter Seligmann Urge U.S. Leadership on Biodiversity

What do a tiny country in the Pyrenees, the seat of the Catholic Church, and one of the world’s most powerful nations have in common? The answer is surprising and disheartening; these three countries (Andorra, the Holy See and the United States) are the only ones that have yet to ratify the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

In an op-ed published today in the Huffington Post, Conservation International (CI) CEO Peter Seligmann and actor/conservationist Harrison Ford stressed the importance of expanding American support for biodiversity protection. “The Obama administration can take a major step right now to reverse the loss of Earth’s biodiversity, by formally requesting the United States Senate ratify the CBD. This is an important opportunity to make a decision that would positively affect the environment and reflect America’s commitment to preserving our natural world.”

Read the full article, or learn more about CI’s role at the CBD Conference of the Parties, currently underway in Nagoya.


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