Greg Stone’s TED Talk: Saving the Ocean One Island at a Time

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a non-profit known for bringing together some of the world’s most innovative thinkers to spread ideas and foster collaboration.

Back in April, inspired by Sylvia Earle’s TED Prize wish, a group of 100 scientists, activists and philanthropists set sail on an adventure into the blue. During five days of cruising the Galápagos Islands, they developed a new model of radical partnership that could significantly impact the way we protect our oceans.

CI’s Chief Ocean Scientist Dr. Greg Stone was one of the speakers aboard the boat, telling the audience the story of how the Republic of Kiribati created one of the world’s largest marine protected areas in the middle of the Pacific — protecting fish, astonishing coral reefs and the island nation itself. Listen in on his fascinating talk below.



    Dear Ted,
    Just downloaded your video about Kiribati’s new marine reserve.We here in New Zealand know the benefits a this will bring to the people in the future.As the worlds fishing fleets of the northern hemisphere have depleted or devastated their own fish supplies now is the time to implement this policy for a natural and world new world order in world conservation.If these fleets want to fish out our Pacific fish resource then a remuneration to the island of a $1 million sum maybe a good start.As they say you can replace your catch afterwards but with a sum like this then maybe they’ll improvise their unprofitable business to sustain the fish food basket in the Pacific.
    Yours sincerely Garth Spooner
    P.S.We are helping in developing fish farming of Abalone and fish species of sea horses,snapper and kingfish,hope the islanders can do the same.

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